Memory Foam Lumbar Back Cushion & Coccyx Tailbone Seat Combo


Experts estimate that up to 80% of the population will experience back pain at some time in their lives as they have to spend most of time on office/computer chair.

Our Rise & Shine™ Coccyx Cushion & Lumbar Back Cushion is perfectly designed to relieve and treat a wide array of pains associated with sitting of long hours. It corrects the alignment of the spine and keeps you upright while using your Computer. One can also feel the comfort while travelling in cars for long journeys.


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Rise & Shine™ Coccyx Cushion is shaped perfectly to provide your spine and tailbone the right amount of support. With its Ergonomic design and contoured shape this cushion reduces the pressure on the coccyx, Tailbone and Hips while you are sitting, thus relieving pre-existing pain and preventing further pain as well. Our Rise & Shine™ Lumbar Back Cushion will bring you into correct sitting posture.



Made up of imported materials these memory foam cushions bring you the most comfortable sitting. As the name suggests Memory foam has the ability to remember the original shape, it slowly returns back to it after being compressed. The cushion is made up of 100% pure Visco-elastic memory foam.



It allows our body heat to activate the molding process so that it gives us personalized fit. The climate control features also does not allow the cushion to become hard in winters.



  • Relief from Coccyx/Tailbone problems
  • Relief from Back problems
  • Optimal Comfort while sitting on a Chair, Car Seat, Plane Seat, Wheel Chair Etc
  • Promotes healthy weight distribution, proper posture & Spine alignment.
  • Retains original shape after each use
  • Total Value for Money



We provide a premium breathable Mesh fabric as our Outer Cover for the Cushion. It is Antiallergenic, eco-friendly and Easy to Care. Do not hand wash or use machine, only Spot clean by hand with warm water and mild detergent. The Back Cushion also comes with the size adjustable strap which will be perfect for most chairs.



Our Cushions are made up of 100% filler-free foam. We have tested our cushions in lab and have a strict quality check before it is dispatched. Our cushions are of high density foam so be assured that it will be your companion for long. We provide One year limited warranty. Please check our Warranty section.

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Dimensions 15 × 14 × 5 in


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